Why celebrate the San Fermin Festival in Spain and let’s know the Bull Run rule

Why celebrate the San Fermin Festival in Spain and let’s know the Bull Run rule

The San Fermin Festival, held in Pamplona, Spain, is a celebration of religion and culture. Many see this event as a time to socialize and relax, but others take it as a serious religious experience. The festival includes bullfights, trade fairs, and running with bulls held every day for nine days in July. The festival has been held every year since 1951 and is a tremendous economic draw for the city.

The San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain, is a nine-day festival with three activities. It began on October 10 as an honor for St. Fermin but went into July for better weather. The festivities include bullfights, trade fairs, and running with bulls. The celebration gives Spain a chance to celebrate in memory of the San Fermin, the tortured saint.

For a good reason, bull runs in Pamplona are famous all over the world. This nail-biting “encierros” is the cornerstone of the San Fermin Festival, which takes place each year from July 6-14. More than 1 million fans gather around the streets of Santo Domingo, Mercaderes and Estafetta, witnessing the anticipation and chaos that characterized the bull race.

Socially, it’s time to get together, swap stories, laugh, and maybe look for luck with the bull race. The festival of San Fermin is essential for local culture, economy, and religion. It is a right to intensify and thereby enhance local religion and, in this case, economy and culture as well.

The San Fermin Festival hosts’ approximately 400 events throughout the region, including parades, contests, live music performances, firework displays, cultural events, and activities for children. The 2020 date for the official bull race in Pamplona is up! Find out the Bulls running of the dates and start planning your life’s adventures.

If you want to enjoy the San Fermin Festival then you should know this Bull Run rule

You must be 18 or older to participate in Bull Run. The following actions are prohibited:

  • Crossing police barriers on the side of the Bull Run route.
  • Standing in areas with a course prohibited by the local police department.
  • Attending the bull run continues despite being intoxicated, under the influence of narcotics, or in any other way, which is deemed inappropriate.
  • Carrying anything that may conflict with the event.
  • Wearing inappropriate shoes or clothes.
  • Provoking bulls or deliberately drawing their attention to any point on the runway
  • Running behind the bulls.
  • Harassing bulls, catching them, or obstruct them from running or completing the course.
  • During the race, taking videos or photos without official permission.

Note: The San Fermin festival has gained tremendous popularity over the years. The running of the bulls and huge parties organized during the festival has gained popularity.

Conclusion: This festival is essential for local culture and religion and the way Pamplona’s city functions over the years. The San Fermin fiesta is seen as a time to celebrate, pray, and make money while everyone will accept that this festival has influenced the history of this great city of Spain in various ways for more info visit easyspanje.nl.


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