Buying Custom Printed Shirts in Bulk

Buying Custom Printed Shirts in Bulk

If you have ever gone to your local grocery store and a store where they sell groceries in bulk, like Sam’s Club, to compare prices, you know that you can get better deals in bulk. The same can be said about bulk printingBulk tshirt printing is a great way to stock up on custom printed shirts for less than buying them individually.

There are many reasons to buy custom printed shirts in bulk — family gatherings, group events, and resale of shirts, to name a few. Read on to learn why bulk printing is better than buying your shirts individually, and how to find the best place to get your bulk shirts.

Great for groups or resale

Custom printed tshirts are great for many things, including businesses and large groups. They show togetherness and make people feel like they belong. If you are starting a small business or trying to find a way to promote your existing one, tshirts with your logo and an eye-catching design can be a great tool. All you have to do is purchase a bulk order of them and sell or give them away at your business, trade shows, or on the street — automatic marketing like a walking billboard.

Uniform design quality and time saving

When you place an order for custom printed shirts, most printers can store your design for future printings, especially if you are buying in bulk and plan on getting more. This means that your design will be exactly the same now and for years to come, if need be.

If you are buying the shirts to resale or give away as a constant promotion, buying in bulk can mean that you will save time. Being as your design is stored in the printer’s database, it means that you do not need to keep unnecessary amounts of stock.

Cheaper by the numbers

Possibly one of the best parts about buying custom printed shirts in bulk is the price. Many printing shops have special discounts for people who buy 25 or more shirts at a time. This can save you tons of money and time.

The reason they do this is that many printing methods are easier once the design is set up, so their printing cost will go down as your order numbers go up. This is especially true if you have your shirts printed with screen printing.

Finding the best printer

When looking for a great place to have your custom printed shirts made, do your research to find the best place. Ask family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues where they get their bulk tshirt printing done. Search the internet for printing shops that specialize in bulk orders. Look at the reviews from previous customers and pictures of finished products. Ask about their discounts for bulk printing and if they store your design for future printing.

Tell them what you require as far as design, material, printing method, and colors. If you are ordering from a shop that is not local, ask about shipping fees and when you should expect your order. Ordering custom printed shirts in bulk can save you time and money, while also being a great marketing tool and moneymaker, or a way to build togetherness and team spirit.


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