What to Expect from a Divorce Consultation

Consulting with a divorce attorney can be intimidating. You are not sure about what to expect and have many questions. But, you must take your time preparing to make the most of this time with a lawyer. This is the perfect time to tell the lawyer your expectations and desires. Also, this lets you get to know the attorney to ensure they are a good fit for your situation.

What to Expect in a Divorce Consultation?

A divorce consultation is what you will do before you hire a lawyer. This is an opportunity to get to know them and ask questions. Also, the wilmington divorce attorney will use this opportunity to learn more about you and your case. If you and your lawyer decide to move forward, you can discuss signing a retainer agreement to hire the lawyer to represent you. In most cases, a consultation is enough to get the legal answers and advice you need.

What to Bring to your Consultation?

Your lawyer may ask you to bring certain items or complete a checklist for your consultations. Aside from any specific requests, you must bring the following to a divorce consultation:

·  Photo identification and social security number. These documents are important to establish your identity. They are usually required if you prefer to continue on as a client or you have to notarize anything.

·  A list of questions. By having a list of questions before your consultation, you can be sure you remember everything you want to ask.

·  Legal papers.  You will have to bring documents such as birth and marriage certificates, divorce paperwork, prenuptial agreements, or other official records relevant to your case. Bring whatever you think is relevant even if you are not sure.

·  Recent tax returns and paystubs. in the majority of divorces, financial records play an important role. Bring your recent tax returns and paystubs for the past six months to the consultation.


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