Importance of pre-shipment product inspection

Importance of pre-shipment product inspection

If you order materials of goods from any oversea company you need to be sure that the products are a perfect fit for the purpose and upright quality before you pay for them or they ship for the destination. This is the key reason for practicing the pre-shipment inspection of every product that you import. Well, you can do it yourself or can send your in-house inspection team to visit the factory site to verify the quality of the finished products and the packaging. But it is a costly matter to have an in-house inspection team or visiting other countries with the team for the same.

You can outsource product inspection services that can check the quality of the products on your behalf without travel cost because they are mostly based in your supplier’s country.

They will practice inspection in different stages of production but the final shipment inspection is the most important one. This type of inspection takes place just before shipping of your products.

The final pre-shipment inspection is obvious to take place at the end of the manufacturing process or near the end process when the 80% to 100% production is complete and packaged are ready for shipping.

For the pre-shipment inspection, there is a specific standard that ensures that the sample size drawn from the given shipment is significant statistically enough to represent the entire shipment.

What is inspected during a final pre-shipment inspection?

  • Safety of the products
  • Conformity of the product to the specific standards required by the purchaser or the destination country
  • Quantity of the product
  • Product workmanship
  • Color conformity of the products
  • Product size
  • Safety of the packaging
  • Packaging conformity to the specific standards
  • There are also other variables that can be checked at the pre-shipment inspection

Why the pre-shipment inspection is important?

It can reduce the requirements for quality control at very receiving end of your supply chain.  You will be able to know that your goods conform to the specific standards before shipping and it can give you peace of mind. You can also avoid the costly repair, rework or repetition in the manufacturing process.

You can discuss your requirements with your product inspection team or the service provider if you have any type of doubt before embarking on that inspection process. At this point, testing and inspection are most important that turnaround times from the inspection top report only the minimal and to get all the necessary information you require to make the vital decisions that may reduce the delays in received the high quality, good in shape finished products. If you are going for quality control, a final inspection is the most to-do task for you. Hiring a qualified inspection team for the purpose is another convenient issue to consider also. With the process, you will start to understand the process of the variability of the suppliers. You can request the vendor to check the samples and packaging both at this stage. You will get complete insight that whether you are getting good quality products or not.


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