Unique and Rare Flowers Which Looks Beautiful

Unique and Rare Flowers Which Looks Beautiful

Flowers are the miracle on this earth. World would not look beautiful if there would be no essence of flower on earth. There are so many flowers on the earth which have an extraordinary appeal. In this article we are going to show you rarest flowers famous for their incomparable looks and beauty.

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  1. Bleeding Heart

This is also called Lamprocapnos. It is one of the most spectacular Plants that blooms the heart shaped flower. The rain drop falls from flower this is the reason it is called a bleeding heart. It blooms in three colors pink shade, red colored and white colored flowers. Amongst them red blood flower looks very beautiful. It is a garden flower mostly blooms in the spring. It continues blooming in the cool regions.

  1. Corpse Flower

Corpse flower is renowned as the largest flower in the world. It has the rarest flowering construction. it grows up to 10 to 15 feet long and its leaves are as wide as 13 feet. Corpse flower is also known as Amrophophallus Titanium. the flower blooms once in a year. it is able to warm up around 98 degrees ferrenhit to attract the insects. It smells like garlic and bloom in deep maroon color.

  1. Flame Lilly

Flame Lily is a national flower of Zimbabwe. It is known for its distinctive feature and subtle colors. it is a perennial herb grows in the height of around 3 meters. This flower is best use for medication. It is a toxic flower contains poisonous petals which can cause to death if eaten. Many feels skin irritation while touching this flower. It is known as a wild flower and mostly found in wild gardens. But it has one good value of treating various diseases like infertility, wounds, cholera, ulcers, arthritis, kidney problems and in so many.

  1. Middle mist Red

Middle mist red is a Camellia that was born in China but now found in New Zealand and London too. This flower has a beautiful shade of dark pink (not red). This species is definitely the rarest flower in the world, because it is not found elsewhere then New Zealand and London.

  1. Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchids flower is famous for its ghost appearance in blooming time. This flower has no leaves and it has an unpredictable time of blooming. This flower blooms in the specific trees. For its rarest look this flower has given the full protection in UK. If anyone destroys this tree or flower is punished and given imprisonment for declining the flower.

  1. Golden Parrot`s Beak

It is a tender perennial plant of Canary Island. It is also named as The Lotus Wine. The foliage of this flower grows in a needle shape which looks like a parrot’s beak. It has a golden beak so it is named as golden parrot’s beak. It grows in the early summer. This flower is also used to adorn the flower basket or mixed bouquet. This needs a sun to grow but partial sun light is good for growing this flower. Extreme hit can hurt the blooms.

  1. White Lotus

White lotus is an aquatic plant normally found in numerous parts of Eastern Africa and South Asia. it is very sensitive to sun and brightness. White lotus flower symbolizes purity, innocence, divine faith and perfection. It is a best ornamental flower and the most popular private pond flower. For its distinct beauty of flower this is become one of the most popular flower tattoos all around the world.

The magic doesn’t stops here: there are so many flowers in the world following unexpected beauties. We have shown some of the famous rarest flowers from this list. They are famous for their exceptional look. Some are wild and some are used to décor the garden. But these flowers can be enjoyed only in the landscapes they would love to grow. This is why they are called as exclusive, exceptional and rarest flowers of this world.


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