Endodontics: the price of saving your teeth

Endodontics: the price of saving your teeth

Although some people consider the cost of a root canal is high, the fact is that the price is a particularly relative value. Maybe if the amount to be paid compares with the possibility of losing the tooth and leaving a very unattractive smile, this cost will not be so high.

In the same way, the price of endodontics may not be so expensive if we bear in mind that the endodontist tooth can last as long as a natural tooth, that is, all of life. And, what is more, the cost can even be cheap compared to the removal of the tooth and the subsequent placement of a dental implant.

Is endodontics a usual treatment?

The endodontics also called conductos is one of the most common procedures we perform at dental clinic in Dubai, since in most cases is performed when the patient has developed a cavity that has not been treated in time.

Caries is, in turn, the most common oral health problem in the world. But not only that, it is also, in general terms, the second most common illness, since it is only overcome by the cold.

If you do not act against decay , it becomes deeper and destroys a larger area of ​​the tooth.

This degenerative process will make it necessary to treat it through an endodontic procedure, instead of with a filling.

With these data, it is no longer surprising that endodontics is one of the most performed treatments by dentists. And given the frequency with which it is required, next we will detail how your prices are fixed, what you should look for when choosing the specialist that carries out this procedure and if there is an alternative to it.

What does the price of a root canal depend on?

Before entering fully into the factors that influence the cost of endodontics, we will advance that the price is not, in itself, an absolute term that does not give rise to interpretation. That is, an endodontics is not expensive or cheap without more , but its cost is subject to certain elements that we will analyze below.

As a general rule, it could be said that the  prices of this treatment vary depending on the complexity of the tooth to be treated, the technology used during the procedure and the experience or specialization of the dentist who carries it out.

Type of tooth and number of ducts that it has

Depending on their type (incisor, canine -colmillo-, premolar or molar), the dental pieces have a certain number of roots (up to three) and pulp conduits (up to five). The more conduits a tooth has, the more expensive the endodontics will be. This is because the procedure is somewhat more complex and, in addition, it requires more time.Once this clarification is done, it is time to make the following classification.

Unirradicular endodontics

It is carried out in dental pieces that have a single root and a single pulp canal (incisors and canines -fangs-). Unir Radicular endodontics is the cheapest of all.

Bi radicular endodontics

The bi-radicular endodontics is performed on teeth that have two roots and two pulp conduits (premolars).

Multi Radicular endodontics

It is carried out on teeth with more than two roots and more than two pulp conduits(molars). Multiradical endodontics is the most expensive of all.

In addition to this, when talking about prices should take into account the damage suffered by the tooth that has to endodoncia.

That is, if these are not very deep, it may be sufficient to perform the endodontic treatment and subsequent reconstruction.

However, when the tooth is badly damaged it will be necessary, in addition to the aforementioned, to insert a fiberglass bolt to give it stability and then place a crown or sleeve.

Technique and technology used during the procedure

How could it be otherwise, the fact of applying the new techniques and technologies in dentistry, has multiple benefits for the patient.

Examples of such advantages are:

It shortens the time that the procedure lasts: it offers greater comfort to the patient since he does not have to spend so much time in the dentist’s chair with his mouth open. The accuracy and effectiveness of the treatment is increased: this makes the duration and stability of the treatment longer in the long term. There is less trauma in the area: this reduces postoperative discomfort


Of all the technologies that we will mention at this point, the surgical microscope is undoubtedly the breakthrough that marks the difference in endodontic treatments.

And it is that, the microscope has supposed a great advance in the endodontic treatments, since it allows to the dentist who realizes the treatment to obtain 250 times the human vision.

With this magnification, the specialist has greater visibility, which allows him to work more accurately and effectively. In this way, the probability of error decreases considerably.

However, if the dentist does not have a microscope, he can only count on his own “touch” and x-rays.

Rotary procedure

When carrying out a root canal treatment, in dental clinic dentist will carry out a rotating procedure, instead of a manual one. Said rotary procedure consists in using a motor and a rotation file system to eliminate the infected tissue and clean the root canal. One of the advantages offered by this mechanized endodontics is that it shortens a lot of working time , in addition to achieving greater precision and better cleaning. With this, the treatment is also more durable and stable over time.


Hot gutta percha

Gutta percha is the filling material with which we fill the root canal after having cleaned it. What dentist do in their clinic is to use a state of the art oven to heat the filling or filling material in a few seconds only. In this way, the gutta-percha acquires a plastic consistency, with which it is introduced and adapts much better in the endodontic canal.

Having made the procedure easier, we also managed to reduce the time of postoperative discomfort for the patient.

Experience and specialization of the dentist

In a procedure like this, the experience and skill of the dentist who carries out the treatment play a fundamental role.

At Dr.Roze Dental Clinic, the dentists who perform the root canal treatments is Dr. Pablo Salmeron.

In addition, he is the specialists in endodontics, since they have taken official masters to train in this field and perform this type of treatment many times a day.

How long is a root canal?

The teeth treated with an endodontics can last a lifetime if during the treatment no complication has occurred and the reconstruction has been carried out correctly.

In addition, the same cares, hygiene and dental exams should be applied to the endodontics than to the rest of our mouth.

However, at this point it is worth remembering that, like other untreated teeth, the parts subjected to endodontics can suffer decay .

The difference is that the existence of tooth decay in endodontics presents a bigger problem than in natural teeth, since once the treatment is done, the tooth will be totally desensitized.

Therefore, by not having sensitivity , the patient will not feel the appearance of new caries.

This fact makes, therefore, even more necessary to go to the dental clinic on a regular basis to prevent this or any other type of problem.

Alternatives to endodontics

Endodontics is a technique that is part of the so-called conservative treatments, since it allows to preserve the functionality and aesthetics of the tooth, as well as the bone or gum that surrounds it.

This means that, in the case of a patient with dental nerve disorders or their periphery, the priority should always be to try to preserve the tooth .

On the other hand, it is important to point out that there is no similar alternative to endodontics, because if treatment is not performed on a tooth that requires it, it will end up falling.

In the event that such loss occurs, the piece may be replaced by a dental implant. Implants are the most recommended option when there is no possibility of recovering the lost dental piece and it is the solution to the inconveniences derived from the lack of a tooth.

However, there is no better alternative than taking care of the mouth every day and trying to preserve the original teeth throughout life.

In addition, as we have already mentioned, the prices of a root canal will always be cheaper than those of a dental implant.


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