Preventive actions to take to stay safe from COVID outbreak

Preventive actions to take to stay safe from COVID outbreak

This pandemic has hit every country in the world that it is now one of the most infamous incident the world history will have forever. The virus is negligible in its size but it has been spread drastically, creating a threatening situation for people of all age, gender and geographic origin. The infection is rate is too high as it spreads from human to human. So, practicing health safety measures and guidelines for the same by government is mandatory. As there hasn’t been any medication available publicly yet so it is high time we should save ourselves from the outbreak of this disease. But in any case, panicking is not the solution. Staying headstrong and in a high life spirit, we can face any challenge and come out stronger. We just need to obey some rules that the health ministry has given us and take preventive measures to make sure we are safe.

Say No to Gathering: Gatherings are the main source of infection. There is a higher chance of catching the virus from an infected person when more than a certain number of people at the same place. Also, in a gathering we never know who is healthy and who is infected. So, it is better to avoid coming into contact with an infectious person through a gathering. The more we are far from groups of people, the safer we are.

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Social distancing: A little space can also make a great difference. As we know that the virus can spread from traces of infected human beings, it is the most important thing to maintain a distance from everyone. Be it your workplace or when you are travelling, try not to come into direct contact with someone physically. It is a primary step towards curbing the spread of this disease.

Regular hand wash: When we touch an infected surface, the virus particles are attached to our hand, palm and fingers. The virus will then go through our mouth, nasal way or eyes to the body and make us fall sick. So, remember to wash your hands as soon as you come home, or touch anything that has come from outside. It is a better practice to wash hands in a regular interval so that we don’t carry any virus particle in our hands. Also, avoid touching your face, nose or mouth so that there is a less chance of getting infection.

Boost immunity: Before anything else, we need to stay fit and immune for any health issues. If our immunity is strong then we can fight back with the virus. It has been studied that the virus don’t affect people with good immunity and they don’t even show any symptoms in case the virus attacks. So, have everything in your diet that boost your immunity and make you stronger to combat this disease.

Stay positive and motivated: To be strong physically, one also needs to stay mentally and emotionally fit. It is very much required to stay in a high life condition so that we can face any challenge in our or our loved ones’ life. Our body supports the fighting spirit only when we are strong by mind. So, meditate, relax, do exercise, talk to your friends, family members, share wishes and positivity among all and inspire others and yourself to be positive about life.


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