How accurate is covid 19 test with doctoroncall?

How accurate is covid 19 test with doctoroncall?

Doctoroncall is Malaysia largest and finest digital healthcare platform that provides numerous healthcare services to Malaysians. Some examples include virtual consultations from dror specialists and an online pharmacy platform which is very trusted among the patients. Recently as the covid 19 infection sparks exponentially in Malaysia, doctoroncall decided to be a part of the frontliners to help curb covid 19 together.

As per the effort, doctoroncall has added more health screening features in regards to covid 19 infection which includes their screening test packages and home care kits. Continue reading the article to know more about the tests available and are they accurate enough to get yourself diagnosed.

Doctoroncall currently provides three types of covid 19 screening tests namely the RTK-PCR test, rapid kit test (RTK-Ag) and the most recent being rapid PCR test, Lets dive in deeper into these three tests.

  1. The molecular test (RT-PCR) test

This is a diagnostic test commonly used in clinical practice as it is highly accurate and specific in diagnosing and detecting active cases of covid 19 infection as it detects the virus’s genetic material that is present in the body. In doctoroncall, this test is available for both individual and group packages with a cheaper and more affordable price. The test involves taking a nasopharyngela or oropharyngeal swab sample and sending them to the laboratory for evaluation. It might take up to 1 day for the results to be out.

It is currently available in three options namely, RT-PCR swab & go, RT-PCR drive thru and RT-PCR home testing.

The RT-PCR home testing will involve you booking a specialized team to come over your house for samples which is ultimately the most comfortable and safer method now. They are equally accurate and effective in detecting the virus.

  1. The Rapid PCR test

The Rapid PCR test is also a diagnostic molecular test and named rapid as the time taken to reveal the results are rather shorter compared to the RT-PCR method. It typically takes only about 30 minutes to get your results ready. All you have to do is to book a date and time, complete the payment via the website and visit the screening centre to get yourself tested.

The rapid PCR test is highly accurate and commonly used in clinics and hospitals to diagnose covid 19 infection.

  1. Antigen test (RTK-Ag)

On the other hand, the RTK-Ag test provided by doctoroncall detects the viral protein within 30 minutes to an hour. It is highly accurate just like the PCR test however there are many false negatives cases reported previously. False negative simply means that many active cases of covid 19 are missed through the test. This means that your doctor will advise you on a further confirmatory test like the RT-PCR test if you have a negative result.

It is comparatively cheaper and faster compared to the molecular testing. If you are in doubt on which test to take, you can simply access DoctorOnCall website and direct to the health screening segment where you can ask doctors questions virtually or complete and online assessment to look for indications for the covid 19 testing. Nevertheless, all tests provided by the health care are safe and certified by the ministry to be accurate and up to the quality. Thus, fret not and browse the website right now for the best healthcare quality.


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