Enjoy your dream destination this summer with Prince Rupert Ferry

Enjoy your dream destination this summer with Prince Rupert Ferry

If you are traveling in northwestern BC and southwestern Alaska, Prince Rupert ferry will most definitely be yours. Do you know that Prince Rupert is the only city of hundreds of kilometers with access to major shopping centers, industrial supplies, and major transportation infrastructure is Prince Rupert?

If you are in this city, then you should also take advantage of Prince Rupert’s magnificent attractions and points of interest. Are you traveling and looking for a way to the Prince Rupert ferry? You may have come via Yellowhead Highway 16. You can continue your route from Alaska Marine Highway, BC Ferries through Haida Gawai (Queen Charlotte Islands), within Port hardy BC, or through any combination of the three. You can be on a cruise to Alaska, and one of your stopping points is Prince Rupert.

Here are lots of exciting places to enjoy your moment

Best place for fishing and exploring the history

You may have learned world-class fishing at the entrances of the Nass and Skeena Rivers, and Prince Rupert is your dream destination. Sportfishing is probably one of the main attractions of Prince Rupert, but it is by no means the only one, apart from that, not everyone likes fishing. The Museum of Northern British Columbia is a must-see if you are interested in exploring the history of Prince Rupert and his rich native culture. Discover how this small city traces its roots and 10,000 years of history to the Tsimshian First People and their neighboring tribes. The place also has a variety of artifacts and artworks that make this great museum so unique and exciting.

Enhance your experience in various museums

Would you like more museums? The North Cannery Museum is located just down the road from Prince Rupert at Port Edwards (shuttle bus service is offered). Now, I know what you think, how entertaining can the cannery Museum be? Oh, before I came to know about this beautiful open-air museum, I also had such apprehensions. For well over 100 years, the fish cannery has been a business in northern communities and is still one of the largest economic industries. The museum is the oldest standing cannery left on the West Coast and is a fascinating lesson in history that speaks of putting together cultures, races, technological progress, and prosperity. It is an entirely immersive experience, and you are welcome to explore the cannery site, you can stay overnight even in the modest, original bunkhouses in the workforce.

Check out the grizzly bears

Prince Rupert has a northern and inland Khutzeymateen Provincial Park and Grizzly Bear Sanctuary. It is heavily protected, about 80 bears are in the park and has a 3,000-mile no-kill zone around it. Whale, wildlife, and bears watching are also popular attractions. If you want an adventure of a lifetime, then you should visit the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary. You can get there either by boat tour or chartered floatplane, and it can take half a day for the whole day, respectively. Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary has a vast bear population and is a major attraction for photographers and nature lovers.

The Cow Bay tourist area

The tourist area of ​​Cow Bay is an eclectic mix of traveler-friendly restaurants, cafes and gift shops, and offers many opportunities to meet and mingle with fellow travelers. If you want to relax and enjoy your vacation, this is the place to go through.

At the busy dock, visitors will find many whales watching charters and fishing vessels selling their cargo — try for crabs and fresh halibut! Take the old cow bay down for a cappuccino, or out for the rugged beauty of the Khutzeymateen Reserve. Take a trip to North Pacific Cannery National Historic Site; the oldest surviving cannery on the coast is worth a visit. Ferries from the Harbor Islands bring visitors up the coast to ports on the Alaska panhandle and north and across the Hecate Strait to the breathtaking islands of Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).

Many cruise ships play 314-miles (507-km) of water inside passage to Alaska. BC Ferries cannot challenge the QE II in size, but it is exciting enough to carry cargo trailers, family sedans, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and touring bikes.

Enjoy your trip in Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

Travelers boarding in Port Hardy to Prince Rupert include the usual types of adventure-hungry world travelers you would assume to see riding a yacht in British Columbia, depending on the season. By the conclusion of the trip, you will probably nod, if not outright, with many of your fellow travelers.

There is a way to work on your way to the Pacific coast of Canada and Alaska, which I find fascinating just because the scenery must have been entirely breath-taking. Take the bus from Victoria BC to Port Hardy on North Vancouver Island. I spend some time exploring the small towns in that area, as most tourists visiting the island do not make it past Tofino.

Ferry from Port Hardy

There is a ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert. You have some options from there. Prince Rupert is joined internally, Prince George and Jasper by rail. Or there is a weekly ferry that runs from Prince Rupert to Skagway Alaska, with five or six stops along the way. It gives you plenty of options.

Prince Rupert BC

You can go from Skagway to Whitehorse in the Yukon by bus. Whitehorse is known as the Yukon River as a starting point for a kayak or canoe, or you can take bus transportation along Route 1 or Route 2. On the way, you can visit small towns.

Whitehorse YT

This route is a little delightful because of the Prince Rupert ferry routes, but it will pass through many amazing and incredible places. It won’t be cheap, in terms of expenses, but I think it will be more ambitious.

Note: Seattle has cities on the Kitsap Peninsula just off Puget Sound, and several large and small islands are within the Puget Sound system. Due to this watery location, getting out on the Sound is popular year-round, and the Seattle ferry are an easy and inexpensive way.


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