Discover a yoga retreat deep in the heart of Portugal

Discover a yoga retreat deep in the heart of Portugal

With the backdrop of the Portuguese mountain ranges and a huge estate to explore, you will find yourself eating, breathing, health and wellbeing.

Yoga Evolution Retreats was established in 2008 by the founders and owners Sue & Peter to be a place of community and yoga education. They are also the founders of Evolutionary Yoga Teacher Training, which can be said to be one of the most comprehensive courses on the planet. You can find any different styles of yoga at the retreat centre as they have both trained in many modern and ancient styles of spiritual practice.

The Yoga Travel Destination

Elegantly situated in Vale Do Bacelo and spread over six hectares of unspoilt, but well nurtured and tendered forest land is the Yoga Evolution Retreat Centre. You can walk for miles along the forest tracks when you are not in class. Take yourself of into the forest and spend time with a book gently swinging in one of the many hammocks dotted around the place. With a lovely fresh water stream running along the bottom of the property allowing a feeling of being nurtured by nature to wash all over you, as you take a dip in one of the rock pools.

If that does not sound amazing enough, then take a look at the natural salt water pool with the most gorgeous and spacious views of the mountains. Surrounding the swimming pool is a large pergola where you can just rest while sunbathing on one if the many Sun loungers.

What is the food like?

The diet on the retreat weeks are prepared and cooked by the resident chef’s and will be either vegan or vegetarian. We do tend to develop all kinds of bad eating habits but on this yoga holiday you have a real opportunity to calve out some healthy eating patterns. Three Freshly cooked meals will be provided everyday during your stay and always after dinner the option of a healthy sweet will be available. All dietary requirements, such as intolerances are catered for and even extra eggs or fish if requested.

What about the Yoga?

Both Sue & Peter are senior yoga teaching professionals and provide a wide selection of retreats. If ashtanga vinyasa yoga retreats is what you are looking for then you will be in very experienced hands. Peter has been teaching a modified version of ashtanga for over fifteen years. His approach asks you to be gentle and kind to your body and mind on the mat. This approach allows us to find the kindness that is so often missing in our everyday lives; we take what we learn on the mat into the world and life slows down and becomes happy and peaceful. On most retreats you have the opportunity of learning yin yoga and how to be with sensation while spending a little more time in each posture. This is a great antidote to the yang of ashtanga which is dynamic movements. Yin yoga is the subjective part of our emotional wellbeing.

You can also book onto a retreat with guest teachers that teach vinyasa flow, shamanic practices that all come with some excellent benefits. The Qigong teaching is a wonderful way to get the energy balanced in the meridians of the body. This will be accompanied by mindfulness meditation which is a great way to build concentration.


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