Tattoo Placement Slang You Should Know

Tattoo Placement Slang You Should Know

Tattoos are not just about stunning designs; they also come with their own set of unique terms and phrases. If you’re new to the world of tattoos, understanding the slang associated with tattoo placement can be a bit confusing. But fear not! In this blog post, we’ll simplify things for you and explain some commonly used tattoo placement slang in easy-to-understand terms.

Body Suit

A large tattoo that covers the whole torso, and sometimes even the legs (known as a full-body suit). Initially, popular among Yakuza and circus performers, it’s now common among tattoo enthusiasts who are ready for a big commitment.

Full Sleeve

This can be one big tattoo or a combination of several arm tattoos. Typically, it starts at the biceps and goes down to the wrist. A full sleeve means the tattoo covers the whole arm and shoulder. A half sleeve, on the other hand, covers the area from the shoulder to the elbow.

Half Sleeve

Only a portion of the arm is tattooed, usually from the shoulder to the elbow. A half sleeve can consist of multiple smaller tattoos or one large design. It’s a great choice if you want ample artwork but still want flexibility in coverage.

Back Piece

A tattoo that covers the entire back. Usually, it’s an artwork created over time by adding various elements, often following Japanese traditional or black-and-grey styles.

Tramp Stamp

Tattoos on the lower back were trendy in the 1990s and early 2000s. These are more common among women and often feature images like butterflies, flowers, quotes, or tribal patterns. They gained attention in movies and media for their perceived sex appeal but lost popularity due to associations with sexual themes.

Leg Sleeve

Similar to a full sleeve but for the leg, covering from the thigh to the ankle. This type of tattoo provides a large canvas for various artistic themes like abstract designs, nature, animals, or personal stories. Given the substantial area, it often requires multiple sessions to complete.

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