Your House is a playground for your Kids, keep them safe

Your House is a playground for your Kids, keep them safe

Children under the age of five are true explorers. Everything piques their attention. Unfortunately, not every one of their encounters is pleasant. Babies are particularly vulnerable to open windows, interior doors, drawers, and plugs. Protective accessories will aid in the protection of the youngster from possible home mishaps. Use the Door guard for baby safety to increase the kid safety in your house.

The door’s kid safety latch effectively protects the youngster’s fingers from being pinched by the door. The youngster is not going to shut himself up in his room. A crescent-shaped soft protection is placed on top of the door so that the youngster cannot access it or pull it off.

Every parent goes through a period of being terrified of the imperfection and safety of their own flat, especially when a little child appears in it. As soon as the infant starts crawling, his innate curiosity might do serious injury. Simple products such as door locks, sliding and drawer locks, universal locks for opening, edge protectors for the table’s edges and other child protection products, are the key to its safety. These products are relatively affordable, widely available, and essential for every household. All of these are simple to operate, ecologically friendly, and completely child-safe.

What should I put in each of the rooms?

Protective door guards on the doors and sockets in the living room to prevent the child’s fingers from injury and electrocution. Little adventurers taking their first steps can benefit from corner and end cushions installed on the corners of low tables and nightstands. By using the TV stand stabilisation kit, the tiny explorer will avoid tipping the TV over by pushing on it. If the home has many levels, specific gates must be installed at the top and bottom of the stairwells.

The house is a whole universe of intriguing items and exciting adventures in the eyes of the newborn. Isn’t it fun to open the closet door, crawl into the bedside table, and plug anything into the outlet? It is pointless to stop him from doing so, but the child safety product of the youngster in the house may still be ensured. To accomplish so, kid safety locks must be fitted on furniture, doors, and electrical outlets.

Drawer Lock

After all, there are many drawers in the home that an inquisitive child does not need to investigate. The drawer lock is straightforward to install and comes in two sections with self-adhesive tape. . In BabySafeHouse web store, we provide low-cost, contemporary, and useful locks for children’s safety. A safety latch often called a cabinet lock, prevents the baby from opening the cabinets, drawers or other appliances.

Plugs for Sockets

Plugs for sockets are extremely vital for a child’s safety in the home. An infant must be kept safe from socket points to prevent electrocution until he understands. The socket plug is simple to install and can only be removed by an adult. Thereby its totally safe.


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