Why get Wow Internet?

Why get Wow Internet?

WOW! Cable internet rates of up to one gigabit per second are now available in the South and Midwest. Are you going to be impressed by its costs, download speeds, and contracts?


No-contract plans available

Unlimited data

Eero mesh Wi-Fi system rental with unlimited bandwidth


A lack of options

Plans and pricing for the Internet

There is a lot of value in WOW’s prices, and there are no-contract programs.

WOW internet’s services include enough download speed without costing an arm and a leg. As a result, whether you choose the Internet 100 plan or the Internet 1 Gig plan, your money will be well spent.

Internet speed

Except for the Internet 1 Gig package, which is based on a fiber connection, all of their clients have cable connections. WOW’s up to 100Mbps” plan is enough for many users, and because the plans are reasonable, customers who would ordinarily choose the most economical option may be interested in a higher plan. Before signing up for an internet service plan, people should check with their service providers to see what speeds are available in their area, as each plan lists a maximum speed.


WOW internet’s service plans vary by location, as they do with most providers. However, if WOW! is available, they’re likely to have one of the most competitive rates in the area.

However, there are conditions associated with these prices. Internet users who want to save money should commit to a 24-month contract and set up automatic payments.

Make careful to keep track of the contract’s expiration date so that you can reevaluate the service’s worth under the new monthly pricing. You can also ask the customer care about WOW Specials.

To whom does each strategy cater?

For a family of three or less, Internet 100 is the best option.

For a small family of 1 to 5 people, Internet 200 is the best option.

Medium to big families with one to ten devices can benefit from Internet 500.

Gigabit Internet: Large families with more than ten devices that frequently use the Internet

What is WOW! Internet’s Speed?

37.5 percent of the internet connections in the United States were determined to be “at least 100Mbps” in the latest FCC report on internet access services, which aggregates internet usage data from 2017.

Starting at 100Mbps, WOW! Internet plans climb quickly. Internet users that need a lot of data transfer capacity might turn to this supplier. In addition, WOW’s new fiber connection means that even individuals with high internet demands can now take advantage of the company’s services.

WOW! is a great internet service provider. However, its service area is confined to the southern and midwestern United States. Plan availability is limited to certain areas rather than statewide in the states where the firm offers internet service (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee). To find out which states WOW! Serves, visit the company’s website and select the relevant state and region from the drop-down menus below.

Other things to keep in mind

WOW! allows consumers to choose their own modem and router when setting up new internet service. For $10 a month, WOW! offers customers the option of renting a modem from the company. “1 Gig Internet” service can be received via the WOW! modem it comes with.

WOW! claims to offer internet subscriptions with no data limits. The lack of a bandwidth limitation will be welcomed by internet customers who are concerned about going over their monthly data limit and having their connection throttled. When it comes to residential users who use excessive bandwidth, WOW! reserves the right to “impose additional charges onto residential customers that WOW! regards to be bandwidth that WOW! considers being bandwidth that is inconsistent with domestic use.”

There is no early termination fee if a customer wishes to terminate their WOW! service early. When customers sign up for a contract with WOW, they are subject to an early termination fee if they decide to end their contract early.

Based on the services or equipment you purchased and the agreed-upon minimum length, this price will be calculated. According to WOW’s Minimum Term Plan,” the ETF is $165 for a 12-month service plan, which is lowered by $15 for each entire month during the minimum term plan that you maintain and timely pay for all the minimum term plan services and other services you receive from WOW! After 24 months, your ETF will be decreased by $15 per month for a total of $345.

Depending on where you live, WOW! offers a variety of bundled services. WOW! offers a variety of Internet, cable TV, and home phone bundles, depending on the customer’s location. Once again, because these bundles are so regionally specific, folks should check to see what is available in their own area.


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