The Man’s Guide to Buying Glasses

The Man’s Guide to Buying Glasses

Nowadays, the world of fashion is changing rapidly every day, and one cannot make sure about anything. The fashion trend is mainly depending on what celebrities are wearing and what they advertise.

It may be possible that some brands or styles become very popular in a specific time like for example like a hipster or geeky glassesIf they search on the internet for the best glasses for men, they will find thousands of different types that look good and those that do not, but still, there are some tips to buy glasses based on the face type that might help them choose more wisely:

1- Narrow Face: To make one’s face seem narrower, go for rounder shapes such as circular or rimless with thin metal frames for men. One can also wear any type of sunglasses to make their face look slimmer.

2- Round Face: They can choose glasses that tend to be straight with angular shapes like rectangles, slightly cat-eye, or even wayfarers. This type of glasses will slim down the roundness of their face, and they will look smart.

3- Heart Shape Face: A great tip to buy glasses frames for men is choosing narrow-looking glasses to widen their forehead area when wearing them to reduce the heart shape appearance of their face. Square-shaped frames are the best type of choice for this kind of face.

4- Oval Face: The best choices for this shape are rimless, oval-shaped sunglasses that look good no matter what style they prefer. Keep away from big chunky design at all.

5- Big Nose: Thick men’s eyeglasses that are not too big will be just right for one’s big nose. Do not wear glasses if it is unnecessary because, according to famous magazines, they should never wear anything that makes their body look more prominent. Instead, try rimless or semi-rimless type of design for drinks, so they look sleek on their face.

6- Close Set Eyes: Men with close-set eyes should try rimless or semi-rimless glasses to look good on their faces. They should avoid any thick-looking frames as it would make them seem closer than they are. So instead, go for thin ones that would separate but not widen or lengthen their eyes further apart.

7- Wide Set Eyes: Rimless or semi-rimless glasses should be avoided by men with wide-set eyes, and thick-framed glasses should be preferred instead. To narrow their face and make it look better, they should avoid wearing sunglasses and opt for the proper spectacles.

8- Small Eyes: One can create an illusion to make their eyes larger by using black liner around them and applying dark mascara, which will help the frames to fit well within their eye socket area. If they want to avoid this, then go for glasses that look good on their face and do not focus on the size of their eyes as it would work against them and make them look smaller than they are.
Nowadays, people who wear glasses tend to choose sunglasses instead because there is so much online variety in different shapes and colors today. And Idee frames for men have a separate customer base because of their superior fashion style and quality.


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