Staying Hydrated Through Summer

Staying Hydrated Through Summer

Staying hydrated is a massive influencer on your day-to-day activity. Regardless of if you are active, if the weather is particularly hot, or if you aren’t feeling thirsty, staying hydrated is crucial to healthy development and keeping yourself from getting sick. Here are some tips to stay hydrated, especially for the coming warmer months of the year.

What’s recommended for daily hydration intake?

The recommended value is just over 15 cups a day for men, while it’s just over 10 for women. In either case, pushing for double digits, or at least three liters of water is ideal.

How should I track my hydration throughout the day?

Daily water bottle usage- Take into consideration what you use to hydrate. If you have a water bottle you take to work every day, monitor the number of fluids it stores, and then how often you fill it. From there, you’ll have a loose idea of how well you hydrate on a daily basis at work. Otherwise, you’ll have to track just by the amount of water bottle you consume, which often is more difficult.

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Consistency is everything – The best goal to have is to become consistent. Even if you are consistently just under the daily recommended average, pushing to keep trying to hit that number and coming close is far better than hydrating perfectly some days and not at all on others.

Get hydrated with a friend or family member – Getting someone else involved is great to keep yourself accountable. Then, when they are tracking their intake, you can compare together and talk about the process.

Overall, you should see it get easier and easier as you go. Taking your time to see the results and not giving up quickly can be difficult, but hydration is one of the foundation points to keeping your body healthy. Don’t ignore it.


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