Royal Enfield Classic 350: The pride from post-war detailing

Royal Enfield Classic 350: The pride from post-war detailing

When it comes to the dependability, not many can match up to the limits set by Royal Enfield. The motorcycles in the brand’s line up signify the modern-day classic cruiser-cum-tourers that take the rich history forward, much like the retro-ish Bullet 350.

One of the many significant models Royal Enfield has mastered in the Classic 350, a motorcycle coming straight from the battleground and hostages from the war era. And why shouldn’t it? It has the genes of the 250cc great from the second world war, a motorcycle we know as the Type 11F.

Barring the dated appeal adopted from the legendary Type 11F, the motorcycle does have a lot of things which would attract us towards itself, starting from the much-talked-about reliability of the engine to the durability of everything else.

Wondering what makes the Royal Enfield classic 350 price justified? Read along.

The styling that exudes pride

Just the way it is marketed, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 is all about sheer class and retro appeal in an era that mostly sees motorcycles wrapped in plastic bodies. The metalling touches to every little thing may add up to the weight, but the durability it offers can be barely denied.

It has the ergonomics similar to the Bullet 350’s classic upright stance with a wide handlebar that would hold the rider aloof. Every detailing on the two-wheeler has been given the timeless appeal, including the generous amount of chrome to the roundedness of the rear-view mirrors and the halogen headlamp.

Lastly, adding on the timeless beauty of the battle-beauty are the spoke wheels that are done in shiny metallic touches.

The never-complaining ride

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is made for the long tours that people go on, across states. Wondering what keep the motorcycle going for such long distances? It is the reliability of the engine that performs like a workhorse.

Tuned in to take on good roads and bad ones alike, the engine comes with rideable power but humongous torque, something that you would need to carry yourself and a good amount of payload on sharp inclines.

The power and torque come at very low revs of the engine. This means you wouldn’t need to kill the throttle in order to get the peak power and torque as an when needed.

The ever-so dependable engine

The 346cc single cylinder engine comes with two spark plugs and the natural air-cooling. It can churn out a maximum power of 19.8 bhp at 5,250 rpm while the humongous 28 Nm of torque comes at just 4,000 rpm. A 5-speed gearbox sends the power to the wheel.

The competitors

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 does not have any direct competitor. However, its closest rival is the Jawa Forty Two, a 300cc bike with similar designing. And apart from that, it also rivals the Bajaj Dominar 400 since it fulfils the same purpose, that is, touring.

The final word

Drift away from overly rational beings who propose the Royal Enfield Classic 350 to be an expensive metallic that comes with zero technology, and you will realise that it is made to be such a gem.

The company never intended to make it a model-day cruiser with the best-in-class features. Instead, it is designed to take the riders back to the era when the 250cc Type 11F meant serious business during the 1940s.Also checkTata Harrier on road price in mumbai


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