Facts you need to be aware about a liver transplant

Facts you need to be aware about a liver transplant

When it comes to the process of liver transplant there are there basic procedures. Let us go through them as follows

  • Orthotopic transplant- Here the receiptent liver is bound to be replaced with the donated liver. Once the person who has donated the liver and this is being preserved, removed and then transported to the donor. The whole process will take around 18 hours to be precise. You go on to remove the deceased liver, and this takes place from the blood vessels along with a host of structures that is responsible for holding the abdomen. Once the deceased liver is removed then you go on to connect theĀ  normal liver. By then the flow of blood is being restored. A connection which is fresh is established to the bile duct which goes on to transport the bile juice from the liver to the intestines.
  • Heteroptic transplant- Here you go on to add a healthy liver to another location. At the same time the damaged liver is kept as it is. This is a procedure when the doctor is of the opinion that the damaged liver could recover. Then you go on to attach the damaged liver and the healthy one together. In case if the liver happens to recover, the other one shivers off. If that is not the case the transplant liver does go on to perform the functions as it is.
  • Liver transplant that takes place in a reduced form- Normally undertaken in case of kids. Here a healthy liver is being transplanted on to the kid. You are suggested to undertake this procedure when the liver is only around 20 % intact. So you can use the donor liver for a couple of transplants as well.

The follow up in case of liver transplant in India?

  • Once the transplant is over the patient should go on to visit the surgeon. It should be 1 or 2 times in a week and this needs to stretch for around 3 months
  • The surgeon goes on to monitor the progress of the patient through the medium of blood tests. Once a year is over after the procedure, the treatment tends to be a lot localized in nature.
  • Once you are planning for the transplant the patient would be on a series of medicines. The main reason why it is suggested happens to be fact that the immune system could go on to fight off the new organ.
  • Once the surgery is over the patient are seen every month after the surgery. Then the frequency goes on to reduce considerably.
  • The test procedure in order to observe the liver condition of a patient may vary from one patient to another.
  • Another point of consideration would be that you would be strict on diet. Here you would be advised to reduce the intake of sodium. In this regard the diet has to be well balanced and the intake of protein has to be on the higher side.


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