Difference And Similarity Between IIFT And MICAT Syllabus

Difference And Similarity Between IIFT And MICAT Syllabus

Besides the Common Admission Test or CAT, MBA aspirants can aim for different exams to get themselves into a good B-school. IIFT and MICAT conduct their admission tests to provide admissions in their colleges which are among the best in the country. These exams provide an excellent opportunity for students to shape their careers in the corporate world. 

IIFT Entrance Exam

IIFT Entrance Exam is an entrance test for MBA aspirants wishing to pursue an MBA course in the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. This test provides admission to students interested in MBA in International Business and Foreign Trade. The Exam consists of 110 questions across 4 sections of Verbal, Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning, and General Knowledge. Each question in these sections is 3 marks each, however, the questions in General knowledge are 1.5 marks each. All the sections have a negative marking of 1 mark for each wrong answer except the general knowledge section which has a negative 0.5 mark for a wrong answer. 

MICAT Entrance Exam

MICAT Entrance Exam is an entrance test for MBA aspirants wishing to pursue an MBA course in the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad i.e. MICA. The Institute is famous for its MBA courses in marketing, branding, and advertising. The exam consists of three sections where each section has different subjects. Section I consist of the Psychometric test which consists of the bulk of questions (150). Likewise, the second section is the descriptive test of only 4 questions. The final section consists of the usual verbal, quantitative ability, and logical reasoning questions. The total questions asked in MICAT is 234 which is to be completed in 135 minutes. 

Similarities between MICAT and IIFT

There are various similarities between IIFT and MICAT entrance tests.  Some of the similarities are –

  • The MICAT and IIFT exam have three common sections i.e. Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, and Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation. 
  • Both IIFT and MICAT syllabus consists of General awareness questions which include current affairs, history, geography, awards and recognitions, politics, literature, and more.

Differences between IIFT and MICAT

Some of the differences between IIFT and MICAT are –

  • MICAT exams have 2 newer sections i.e. Psychometric test which is 150 questions in 30 mins which analyzes the psychology of the student. The second section includes Descriptive questions which have 4 questions to be completed in 20 mins. 
  • The MICAT question paper consists of 234 questions as compared to 110 questions in the IIFT test.
  • The time allotted in the IIFT paper is 120 mins whereas 135 minutes are allotted for the MICAT entrance test.
  • MICAT entrance test provides the opportunity to pursue an MBA from Mudra Institute of Telecommunications while IIFT provides the opportunity to pursue an MBA from all the campuses of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in Delhi, Kolkata, and Kakinada.
  • There is a deduction of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer in the MICAT paper. On the other hand, there is a negative marking of 1 mark in all sections of IIFT for a wrong answer and 0.5 mark deductions for each wrong answer in the General knowledge section.

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Both IIFT and MICAT have their similarities and differences. However, both the exams provide excellent opportunities for students to get admitted to the prestigious colleges in the country. Students can weigh both the similarities and differences of these examinations and choose whether they wish to appear for both of them or just one of the two.


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