All About Thai Lotto

All About Thai Lotto

Thai Lotto is the official lottery of Thailand, and it is announced the government of Thailand on the first and sixteenth of every month. You would e shocked to hear that there are a total of two forms of gambling that are available in Thailand, and Thai lotto is one of them. In this article we are going to discuss almost everything about Thai Lotto results in 2020, not only that we will also have a look at how Thai lotto works, what are it’s lucky numbers that its players can use and what type of prizes users can get with the help of this game.

What is Thai Lotto?

As mentioned above, Thai Lotto is the only government issue lottery game that is played in Thailand; this game is so popular that more than 18 million people play it. Moreover, the result of this lottery is announced twice a month of1st and 16th of every month.

This was all about a small introduction of Thai Lotto, let us now have a look at how to play or take part in this lottery game.

How to play or take part in Thai Lotto?

This is a paper-based lottery ticket, and in this case, you would have to buy a lottery ticket. Whenever the results are announced, if your lottery number is on the list, then you would be able to win the respected cash prize.

Here is the prize amount that you would be able to get according to the winning position-

  • For first prize, you would be able to get 2 million baht.
  • For the second prize, you would be able to get 1 lakh baht; there will be 5-second prize owners.
  • For the third prize, there would be ten prize owners, and the money would be 40000 baht.
  • For the fourth prize, there will be 50 persons and prize money would be 20000 baht.
  • For the fifth prize, there will be 100 persons and money would be 10000 baht.
  • A bonus prize for two persons would be given, which would be 5000 baht each.

Thai Lotto Results 2020-

As we have mentioned above that the result of Thai Lotto is released twice a month, which is on the 1st and 16th. While in the case of Thai Lotto results 2020, we would have to wait at least for the first month of 2020.

While here is the list of results which are latest on the list and was declared on 16th December 2019.

  • For the first prize of 6000000 baht, the number chosen is 5 2 9 9 2 4
  • Two more people got the around first prize of 1000000 baht; those numbers are 5 2 9 9 2 5 and 5 2 9 9 2 3
  • Five lucky winners who got prize of 200000 baht each are as follows, 0 2 3 9 4 5, 2 7 0 4 8 7, 4 2 3 8 5 5, 4 4 0 9 0 9 and 9 4 5 6 5 6.
  • There were various other prizes also declared, such as ten lucky prizes of 80000 baht each and 50 winners of 40000 baht each.


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