8 New Technology Gadgets That Will Influence Events In 2018

8 New Technology Gadgets That Will Influence Events In 2018

Humans are creative. Cameras that can fly or wristwatches that calculate our heartbeat, each year new gadgets infiltrate our lives and, subsequently, shape our collective future.

Here are some technological breakthroughs that will shape the event industry in the years to come.

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Holographic apparatus: Holus

Our tech hearts thrilled about Microsoft’s HoloLens. This year, we are excited about another holographic device called Holus, an interactive tabletop. The device makes education more participatory through 360-degree viewing. Convention exhibitors can incorporate Holus into their product presentations to enrich the participants’ experience and amplify the emotional impact.

Mini projector: the Ultra Short Throw laptop

The laser projector 5 inch Sony converts surfaces screens, projecting images of up to 203 cm (80 inches). The compact design of the projector and wireless unit is easy to carry, making it ideal for workshops or board meetings.

Lighting: Life Lite

It’s the light you bring anywhere – including events. Because we can tie LifemLite to drones or use it to light the way to your private reception, we can expect to see these small beacons diversify the way we illuminate (and capture) events. Bonus: they are controlled by Bluetooth and compatible with iPhone, Android, DLSR and GoPro.

Food: Printed foods in 3D

It was only a matter of time before someone used 3D printer technology and applied it to food. The German company Biozoon is harnessing the power of printing to create seneoPro, a range of 3D printable powder blends that solidify when printed, but that melt very quickly when consumed. Expect to see the food and beverage industries adopt this technology to create sofas that merge the culinary and technological worlds. Our first suggestion: print your event hashtag!

Batteries: Nanodots

A nanotechnology company called StoreDot has recently unveiled a prototype for a new generation battery. StoreDot uses bio-organic nanodots that have increased electrode capacity and electrolyte performance. Science is a bit complicated, but here’s what you need to know: With these nanodots, the battery can be fully charged in just 30 seconds. Perfect for busy professionals!

Videography: Vimble S

Say goodbye to expensive equipment to create uniform videos and photos. Vimble S is a smart monopod that keeps your mobile phone stable no matter what your hands move, and even when you walk or move on a skateboard. Vimble will certainly be popular with festivalgoers attending events such as Coachella and Osheaga.

Fashion: Stylish wearable technologies

Of course, the world is becoming more and more saturated with practical clothes. But how many of them are really beautiful? Mira’s new bracelets and pendants are so elegant that you will forget that they are tracking devices. In the end, waves of beacon technology and wearable technologies will merge. Which means that we will finally be able to get rid of these inconvenient cords and congress badges!

Transport: Hyperloop

Dubbed “the fifth mode of transport,” Hyperloop is a form of high-speed ground transportation. With an average speed forecast of 962 km / h, 50% faster than a plane – Hyperloop is also an ecological innovation, powered by renewable energies, including self-sustainable solar energy without an energy footprint. Presumably, we will not see it in operation in 2018, but hopefully this will be the case in the years to come!


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