3 Reasons to Consider Iseries Online Backup Software

3 Reasons to Consider Iseries Online Backup Software

More repetitive and tedious is the repetition of work that took weeks or months, representing the energy you consumed in this work, and even worse when you lose the valuable documents necessary for everyday business activities.

With the growth of high-speed Internet speeds and the growing trend towards cloud computing, computer users can choose from a wide range of online backup services. The advantage of iseries online backup is that it is great for managing, sharing and synchronizing data.

Why protect your data with online backup software?

  1. Data is available everywhere and cost effective.

Most remote data backup solutions have a web interface that facilitates access to data anytime, anywhere, that is, if you need access to your files, you can access an accessible workstation and access your data. via web interface. Without an initial investment in equipment that is required for internal backup solutions, remote data backup services are usually paid for used gigabytes. The configuration does not cost anything, and prices start from a low level and increase slightly as the amount of data from which the backup is scaled increases. Online backup is actually cheaper than an external hard drive. If we consider that the replacement of equipment easily exceeds $ 60 per year for iseries online backup services.

  1. Security and automatic backup.

Online backup operators encrypt traffic to and from their servers. This means that even if the data is intercepted, for a person who intercepts them without a key, it is useless to decrypt them. In addition, from a security point of view, the data on the servers of your online backup provider is stored on a disk with backup in several data centers. When the data center experiences an interrupt (catastrophic failure), data is still available to you.

Online backup offers two different types of backup: i. my. Programmed and aggressively. Scheduled backups are performed at certain times of the day, that is, at midnight every night, while permanent backups perform file backups on the fly as they are saved. These systems provide peace of mind knowing that data backup is performed without your intervention. Backups are done automatically and files are uploaded to the iseries online backup / storage service as soon as someone finishes editing the file, this is a world that is different from regular backups where you need to run and monitor backups. Backing up to the online storage allows users to have previous versions of the saved files in case of edits or gaps in the latest files that you want to cancel, it is safe and protected

  1. compression

Iseries online backup operators encrypt and compress files on the fly for transfer between a computer and a server, which significantly improves bandwidth efficiency and significantly reduces transmission time. It also allows you to limit their use of bandwidth so that you can allocate less bandwidth during busy times in a busy network and open a channel at night when the other does not need much bandwidth network use.


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