Ewen Spencer : Guapamente – Issue 3



Ewen Spencer is known for his photographic style and documentation of the aesthetics and beauty of youth culture.

Discovering photography in his early 20’s whilst growing up in Newcastle, Spencer has been photographing style and other visual facts that make up youth culture ever since.  Here we have the third instalment of the Guapamente series. The previous issues captured Italian adolescence in Naples and teenage partygoers in Marseille respectively. Now here is spring break in Miami, Fl.

‘Is it a book? Is it a magazine? Is it a Mook? Who gives a fook!’

Exactly. Spencer delivers an easy going biographical document of the collage kids that hit the beaches, bars and clubs of Miami during ‘spring break’. Moving through the beer, tats and Iphones the edit is full of punchy colours, striking poses blended together with a vast cultural patter of Hispanic and black youth.

The work resonates in the archive of Joseph Szabo. Be it different in parts of its style and approach, but both Spencer and Szabo have captured the ambivalence of youth, making pictures of raucous showy moments through their lenses.

Within Issue 3, Spencer has hit the nail on the head. As an edit, it gives enough to the viewer to allow you to appreciate the work, but leaves you wanting to see more and desiring to see them blown up on a larger scale. That being said, Issue 3 is being hosted and launched as an exhibition by Ditto Press in their new gallery space in East London this Thursday, running from the 4th July – 7th. Click here for more details.





The book is in collaboration with We Folk and ES Books, designed by Y-U-K-I-K-O, on a print run of 300.

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Words : Ryan Grimley – @rlgrimley

Work : Ewen Spencer  @ewenspencer